Daily Meal Plan - Private Chef ( NEW PLANS!!!)

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Shake off the stress and worry of thinking up meals and cooking while on vacation. Sit back relax and let our private chefs take care of all your dining needs. We do everything for you including shopping. Your meal plan begins with lunch or dinner on arrival day and ends with breakfast on departure day.

There are 3 plans available. All inclusive, meaning the chef team purchases the grocery and prepares the meals. We provide a daily Menu for you to review before arrival to fit in with preferences medical requirements and pricing. Our chefs can also do your shopping prior to arrival once a list is provided. The second plan is the modified plan where the client buys the grocery and the chef just prepares the meals.Special diets and medical needs are also taken into consideration. The third plan is all inclusive and 3 meals per day inclusive of grocery.

Meal plans are flexible however highly luxurious and strict  seafood diets may incur additional costs.

*Must be 6 or more persons to activate.

From USD 60

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