Activities are non-refundable within a 48 hour period as vendors and service providers begin final preparations for all activities the day before at latest. Any disagreements, queries, or complaints of unsatisfactory service should be addressed directly to the booking agent and/or event manager/lead During an activity so problems can be corrected immediately. In the event the booking agent or event manger is not accessible all matters and concerns must be addressed on island before departure.

Boating activities are all subject to weather, climate and tide change and do not constitute a refund. Weather predictions are monitored for port and departure city and region only. Once a boat is exiting port for any reason, seas and tide can change instantly and it is up to the captain if tour will continue. 

Any and all outdoor activities are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather and will be postponed to future dates if possible before guest departure. In the event a guest departs the following day charges for meal/grocery purchase and/or fuel will be deducted from total rate and balance will be refunded